Or My Life And Times In The Wicket City

Arele -- Rob Edler
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I'm a semi-retired freelace advertising writer, producer and event planner by trade and probably a frustrated actor as well.

Cody Frizbee, Jr. is not my real name. Neither is the more more formal and somewhat stuffy Clayton Frizbee, Jr. -- it is just a name I've given to my cyber alter ego as well as a pseudonym I cowered behind for some fictional adventures of a decidedly XXX nature. I've also used it as the name of a character in some squeaky clean tales, too. Who knows I'm working on other stuff and I could use it again. We'll have to wait and see what comes to be on that topic.

In the mean time if you want to call me something, I'm really Rob -- even though the world and internet is overpopulated with Robs these days. Actually I was thinking of using Robb as a handle just to be a little different. But then everyone would probably think my letter b stuck on my keyboard. Call me what you will, just call me.

I'd like to have this journal be a day in my great and mostly uneventful life as I see it -- as boring as it can be sometimes. I'm still waiting for my 15 minutes of fame --though I did win a Clio for a television commercial I wrote once but I wasn't there to receive it, so I don't think that counts as fame.

I am now living with a new loyal friend and constant companion Mlle Renee Taches de Rousseur -- a young lady of somewhat low pedigree (German Shepherd/Terrier blend) who was found walking the streets of the Wicket City. I'm also still working on the first Wicket City Mystery which is tentatively titled Death By Bagel.

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